Milverton Music Club

We look forward to seeing you 25th to 27th July at….
The Village Pump Folk Festival
Milverton Music Concert on the Club Stage Sunday 3-00 to 6-00

First Friday open mic session will be

The Folk Roots & Branches show

Sept 5th 2014 if you would like

Thursday 6-00 to 8-00

to play or sing please Email

Song Writers Circle

or tel 01823 400416

Wed 5-00 to 6-00

Doors open 7-30

105.3 FM

Border Tales, Greg Hancock, Aisha, Steve Pledger, Silver Street Band, Laurence Morgan

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Milverton Music, Victoria Rooms, Fore St, Milverton, TA4 1JU (updated 21- 07- 2014)