Club News 1

Open mic 1

October 6th was another vintage evening of music from all the musicians  (click pics for more)

Thanks to
Tone & Simon
for the photos. 
Bev & Simon
on sound.
front of house.

Chris Smith

Seb Pollack

Greg Hancock

Ben Morgan Brown

Arwen Leaver

Bob Gallie

Sam Gibb

We all agreed that this was the most amazing evening, all the musicians were superb and thanks must also go to our great audience for their continuing support.
Particular thanks goes to Sam Patten with his band
Arguebus for a brilliant guest spot.
Thanks also to:-
Tony Batten, Ben Morgan Brown, Arwen Leaver
Seb Pollock, Sam Gibb, Gabbi & Giles, Greg Hancock
Bob Gallie, Chris Smith, Silver Street Band.
We look forward to seeing you all again on Friday November 3rd.

Gabbi & Giles

Silver Street Band ( Andrew Bev Tony & Giles )