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May 3rd Spring arrived & Richard Thompson songs in Milverton (click on pics for more pics)

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Bev & Trevor
on sound.
Trish & Denise
front of house.

Our Richard Thompson theme evening when we played:-

Crazy man Michael,
Galway to Gracelands,
I want to see the bright lights, Bee's wing,
Withered and died,
A Heart needs a home,
Who knows where the time goes, She moves through the fair, Wall of death, Woods of Dorney, Down where the drunkards roll, Walking on a wire

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See you all in June when alongside our regular singers we feature two guest spots; Sam Patten and Arquebus folk trio, plus The Boys from Melbourne Street.


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Feature spot from Foxwillow  ( Celia Martin Hazel )

Phil Beer

Unfortunately our Richard Thompson evening in Feb was cancelled due to the snow but good songs are worth waiting for, so we scheduled it again in May. Everyone sang at least one Richard Thompson song although there were few a cheats as in, "it was from the same era!" So with a little poetic licence a very big thanks to our regular performers :- Tony Batten, Chris Smith, Trevor Lloyd, Seb Pollack, John Hartoch and Lionel Took for great evening and a special welcome back to our old friend Alan Pettifer.
The Foxwillow Trio performed four lovely songs in their guest spot, super harmonies with the combined talents of Martin on Guitar & vocals; Celia flute clarinent, vocals; Hazel on harp.

Remi Harris Duo

Rag Mama Rag

Alan Pettifer

Lionel Took